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There are things I miss. Crucial things without which existence is bleak.

I found that I am not alone in this misery, Frauke – who also once lived in America – feels the same way. So this Sunday, after careful googling, we tried to create an approximation of what here cannot be bought:

Homemade Oreo’s!

Here is the recipe – we had to google in German as apparently no-one English speaking would even think of making Oreo’s theselves. For those who read no German, I put a translation here.

I find this filling much tastier – for one thing there is no traces of that chemical taste the originals have. The biscuits are not exactly right, but they are good and with a good strong taste of cocoa. They don’t have the real pattern of course – we used lego bricks to print these. In some of them, even after baking, the small letters spelling “Lego” can still be seen inside each dot 😉
Now go bake! And don’t forget to invite me over afterwards 😉

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