Kattens Rejse

Last Day

Kamal on his way to campus for TAing

Cornell in fall colors as I walked to the store to buy the shirt my Father wants.

And as I walked back to Upson the other way.

Ganesh in his office, fiddling with his computer and explaining to me how the continuously tipping bird is crucial to his graphics research 🙂 Those graphics people have all the fun – the other people in his office had grass growing and were filming a clock, also reportedly for the sake of graphics research. Perhaps I chose the wrong field 😉

Later that evening Ganesh came by to give Kamal an a-bit-too-late birthday gift and me an a-bit-too-early one. There was no choice but to force hot chocolate on him. He took it well 😉

He and Kamal are discussing the charms (or lack thereof) of the Family Guy movie.

… And I already got to use the deliciously sharp knife he got me for a gift. Mmm… sharp.

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