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Random leftover pictures

I’m going back to Denmark tomorrow and I’m rather sad about it.

The Leopard switched to playing on my side at chess, but quickly got frustrated with losing all the time. It pounced on the dark king when no one was looking.

That’ll teach him to win!

For my birthday Kamal got me sundae glasses (it’s not yet, it’s the 6th of november, but he didn’t think I should have to bring the present with me home unopened) remembering how I wished for them while in Japan where ice cream is always served very decoratively (as is everything else, they are big with decoration) in tall glasses with long spoons.

They work quite well for breakfast as well. Mmmm… Yoghurt with grains soaked in it overnight and pieces of cantaloupe stirred in. I conclude that decorative breakfast is much more fun than just breakfast 🙂

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