Kattens Rejse

With apologies to T.S.Elliot

Tokyo Girls are black and yellow,
Tokyo Girls are not all small;
Tokyo Girls are rather mellow,
With cool brown eyes than can’t fail to enthral.
Tokyo Girls are always shaven,
No hair is seen on arm, leg, face;
Tokyo Girls are careful dressers,
No wrinkles or anything out of place.

Tokyo Girls sit with their backs straight,
Tokyo Girls are never loud;
Tokyo Girls will never berate,
But silently stare if you’re disallowed.
Tokyo Girls are frail and slender,
Yet thick shields they have to deploy;
On jam-packed trains their defender
Empty eyes, no expression of joy.

Tokyo Girls are light and dark,
Tokyo Girls have impeccable poise;
Often on shopping sprees they embark,
Feeling safe in the crowds and noise.
They can be very jealousy-inspiring,
They can be very ideal in shape.
Before even trying I see me tiring
Of trying to match their physique and their drape.

Tokyo Girls wear stilettos,
Even on days with raging typhoons;
They don’t think Tokyo feels like ghetto,
And are not sad that clouds hide the stars and moon.
Tokyo Girls master the softest touch,
They’re apparitions of elegance and style.
So sad that Japanese girls count only as much
As the salaryman they can hope to beguile.

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