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Nighttime – dark and cozy, snuggling under the covers free of obligation to take any action whatsoever. Slowly sliding into the warm fluffyness of sleep, luxuriating under its heavy pull.

I wish!

Usually that’s the way it works, but tonight apparently not 🙁

When sleepless the night transforms into a dimly lit trap. Trying to be quiet so as not to wake anyone else I toss and turn. The body heavy and to tired to make getting up appeal, the sleepless mind itching with boredom. The knowledge that tomorrow will be long and unpleasant if I don’t sleep more than the 2 hours I managed so far only making it worse. Finally I give up and get up. With my head heavy and dull with lack of sleep nothing can truly hold my interest for long. I end up idly fiddling with the computer, watching the hands of the livingroom clock pass 2, then 3.

Even if I manage to fall asleep, I’ll need to get up in a few hours as I arraged with my family that we’d talk in the morning.

Longing for the heavyness in my mind to go away just as much as for sleep.

I hate being sleepless early in the night! Waking up 4 is OK – that’s just an early start. But midnight is way too soon to wake up – most people haven’t even gone to bed yet.

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