Kattens Rejse

Full Circle

Sitting here blogging in the bean bag chair in Kamal, Ganesh and Siggi’s office I have come full circle. Today is my last day of work before packing, going on vacation and then leaving for New Zealand.

In my fist week at Cornell, before I got assigned an office, I would also sit here in the bean bag or the windowsill – courteously invited to do so by the inhabitants of this office so I didn’t have to hang around waiting in hallways – reading my AI book in preparation for class or waiting for some appointment taking care of the multitude of practicalities surrounding my arrival.

Then the view was green and I was astounded by the dazzling labyrinth that was my new life to be here.

Now the view is white and I am confounded by the challenge of leaving all this in order to traverse a new labyrinth.

There must be strength and experience to be gained from the sadness and trepidation in this, but I have yet to discover how to crystallize it.

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