Kattens Rejse


Dancing in soft fuzzy socks on the slippery kitchen floor

while cooking, smooth music enveloping me.

Pair-programming in Kamal’s office in the mornings, campus

desolate at this time of day and year, sharing an orange and

the building of multi-dimensional trees.

Facing a giant sundae, whipped cream and cherry on top at

Purity Ice Cream after a long day of work. Darkness outside,

fifties music inside and my fingers sticky with caramel

covered pecans and eggnog ice cream.

Worries of packing, leaving, starting over, saying goodbye,

making arrangements, finding directions, accommodations and my next


Not my Continuous Now, never anticipating tomorrow, but a

bittersweet deceptively eternal stretched out Now –

cherishing the last few steps through a river so certainly

never recrossable.

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